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The Workshop

Artisanship is one of Joe’s Leather Goods’ founding principles. It is our asset. We work with the best artisans. We believe it is our duty to take great care of their well-being.

At Joe’s Leather Goods there are no production lines. We train every artisan to ensure that they master every step required to make a bag from A to Z, an approach that values individual’s work and goes against a systemic production process that drains workers and artisans.
Out of respect for them and the quality of their work, we ensure that all of our artisans work in a healthy environment.
Our employees are free to use the workshop for their personal projects.


Since most things are custom made, they are made to order. Depending on the amount of orders that come through from customers, wait times for an item can take 1-3 weeks except for jackets, they can take up to 5 weeks until they are shipped. After the item is made it is then usually shipped within 2 days of completion. 

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We ship internationally via Bosta. We select the most convenient option to insure the safety of the products. We offer tracking numbers with every order. Rates are fixed nationwide.

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Exchanges & Returns

If there is a manufacturing defect, we will offer a complete refund or exchange upon return receipt and complete product inspection. 

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